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Lambland - The finest name in sheepskin and leather; This luxurious shearling footmuff is perfect for keeping at home or under the desk at work; Soft suede.

A cosy lambswool fleece and tartan trimmed foot pouch with the warmth and safety of the Hottie microwaveable thermal pack. The Hottie foot warmer retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of the microwave heat pack. A hottie foot warmer, designed to insert feet and to warm cold.

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This Kozee Footmuff is designed to contain both feet at once, providing a cosy compartment for the winter. It can be used in a wheelchair, armchair or even in.

Same as my famous 4 way reversible extra padded and luxurious footmuff for kids, just larger for an adult.. ideal for the sofa or a wheelchair. £80 each adult size.