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In the summer of , right in the middle of its Renaissance, Disney added another beloved film to its roster when it released the Serengeti-set animation The Lion King. Nala and Simba’s naughty connection: While watching this film as a kid, it was almost impossible not to see.

The Lion King is a American musical film directed and produced by Jon Favreau, written Now a young adult, Simba rescues Timon and Pumbaa from a hungry lioness, who turns out to be Nala. She and Simba reunite and fall in love, .

Nala is a fictional lioness who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise. Introduced in the In the original film, the adult Nala is voiced by American actress Moira Kelly. Young Nala's speaking voice is provided by actress Niketa Calame.

While The Lion King will always be a beloved, beautifully animated, song- inducing, fun-fest, once Here are all the things only adults will notice in The Lion King.

Naturally, grownup and child fans alike don't plan on getting over the hype of the film any time soon and these The Lion King Halloween