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Playboy TV on XFINITY | On Demand adult on demand comcast

I'm sure that there are adult movies somewhere in the Xfinity On Demand system, but I sure can't find them. Re: How do I cancel an Adult on demand movie subscription? Someone in my household ordered a subscription to an adult movie channel (Vivid).

For a low monthly price, enjoy 24/7 access to the finest shows and movies for adults on Playboy TV channel and Playboy TV on Demand! Playboy TV brings you the sexy fun that guys have come to love, mixed with the right amount of romance and reality for her. Whether it's reality.

We have no Adult on Demand on our system, and I can't find the Playboy category in ANY of the regular on demand menu's off of channel 1.

If your lady friend says at midnight after a couple of bottles of wine that she wants to watch comcast on demand porn with you then you suck it.

Add the Adult package if you want. However, if you want all Comcast channels this is a must. This package includes several Playboy networks and the Spice.