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21 Adult References You Never Noticed In ‘90s Batman Cartoons adult references

Have you ever wondered who was the first to incorporate adult jokes into cartoons? Was it The Simpsons? Or maybe Ren and Stimpy? Well, technically, the first.

As such, a certain amount of adult humor slips into their projects that kids may not understand. In almost every short, Mater is seen flirting with Mia and Tia, who.

Whether it's Cruella De Vil joking about touching a dog inappropriately or Aladdin being chased out of a brothel, dirty jokes in Disney movies are plentiful.

Children have such innocent minds that swept away the adult jokes. Now, as we look back and reflect upon certain references in particular cartoons.

21 Adult References You Never Noticed In '90s Batman Cartoons. Batman was too stealthy for censorship. Posted on February 26,