African malaria mosquito - Anopheles gambiae Say - anopheles adult


common malaria mosquito - Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say anopheles adult

Anopheles is a genus of mosquito first described and named by J. W. Meigen in About species are recognised; while over

SENIOR-WHITE1 has suggested a most convenient system of classification for the adult behaviour of anopheline mosquitoes, especially the vectors of malaria.

AN insect, or other biting arthropod, which transmits a micro-organism by its bite must feed at least twice on the host, once to acquire the micro-organism and.

The identification of adult female anopheline mosquitoes is an important aspect in malaria surveillance and control strategy throughout the.

Vector abundance was low (mean, adult Anopheles per house). Proximity of larval habitats was a strong predictor of Anopheles abundance.