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Many cats that are infected with coccidia do not have diarrhea or any other clinical However, in kittens and debilitated adult cats, coccidiosis can cause severe.

Find out what coccidia in cats looks like, what it can do, and how to get Since adult cats rarely show coccidiosis symptoms unless they are ill.

Cats and dogs each have their own form of coccidia — cats can't Diarrhea and other symptoms of coccidia infection are very rare in adult cats.

They are found more often in kittens, but they can also infect older cats. Cats are more likely to get infected with coccidia by this method than dogs are.

Kittens who are infected with coccidiosis are contagious and can infect the In some kittens or adult cats, coccidiosis may spontaneously go away on its own.