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Updated: July 6, pm -: Rated: Adult -: Chapters: 4 -: Reviews: 1 It's been years, and the Hellsing family has once again forgotten its greatest.

Updated: September 5, am -: Rated: Adult ++ -: Chapters: 1 -: Reviews: 0 -: Dragon prints: Located: Hellsing > Het - Male/Female.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or any of the Hellsing characters mentioned in my story. this is just for fun fictional purposes only. i also make no profit from the.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or its characters. Hellsing is owned by Kohta Hirano. Since I do not own them, I do not want or seek any compensation for them.

Not too long ago I checked out the first Hellsing series and fell in love. The voice actor for Alucard is Crispin Freeman whose sexy voice has.