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and he says to the doctor "Top o' the morning Doc, I've got a little problem. bit of fiddling he manages to extract a £20 note from the Irishman's bottom. He sits down to count the money as the man puts his clothes back on.

4) Short Irish jokes: Paddy went to the doctor's and more on the bottom right- hand side of each three and handed the paper back to the interviewer. . 4 pints of Guinness and 3 whiskies, his money had run out but poor.

Genuine Irish Humorous Jokes. and while walking down the stairs saw the same Irishman at the bottom of the stairs. . check for $10,, said to Paddy; " And what are you going to buy with all this money? . asked the doctor impatiently.

Irish logic jokes feature Paddy and his mates. An old country doctor in Ireland wanted to take a day off work and go fishing. . Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun? We drop something down it and time how long it takes to hit the bottom, then we multiply the time 32 feet per second squared, the rate at which.

St Patrick's Day: 15 of the funniest Irish jokes ever. Our selection of the asks the patient. The doctor replies: "You only have 24 hours to live.".