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Haematology Normal Adult Reference Ranges leukocyte range for adult female

A white blood cell (WBC) count of less than 4 x /L indicates leukopenia. A WBC count of more than 11 x /L indicates leukocytosis. Reactive leukocytosis can be classified on the basis of the white blood cell type affected.

Normal range: Male: - g/dL; Female: - g/dL Normal range adult: , - ,/mL. White blood cell (WBC) count. Normal range adult: .

Haematology Normal Adult Reference Ranges. Male. Female. Units. Haemoglobin (HB). g/L. White Cell Count (WBC).

Age range, WBC count (per mcL of blood) children over 2 and adults, 5, to 10, These normal ranges can vary by lab.

The normal range for a white blood cell count in a healthy adult is between 4, differentiate between male and female values; of these sources, values for.