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Puppy coat change maltese adult coat vs puppy coat

hi! are puppy coats generally thicker? my pup has very silky coat on his face but has a thicker straight coat on his body. my breeder said that his.

Click here to visit the most complete Maltese site on the WWW The puppy coat that remains is a bit unruly, I definitely prefer the adult coat! I used Loreal Colorvive conditioner for damaged or colored treated hair and I think I'm on to.

Is this a puppy coat that is turning into an adult coat or will she always have the half and half "look"? I called the local groomer here and she said that a lot of.

For pet Maltese, it is normal to be at the high end of the weight range, or even a There can be a big change in appearance from puppy to adult, if the coat is.

We answer the questions of whether or not you should get a Maltese puppy or dog. The standard size of an adult Maltese is a tiny under 7 pounds. Having a dog with a coat of this texture has some advantages and disadvantages.