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Teen boys masturbating is something that crops up in nearly every YA novel about a teen boy – but teen girls aren’t often encouraged to explore their sexuality. What other YA books with female masturbation can you think of? Hello, Groin by Beth Goobie (Orca Book Publishers,

So we gathered a list of young adult books that talk about sex in a this is one of the only young adult novels with female masturbation. Instead.

A teen boy masturbating doesn't equate to an adult erotic novel about BDSM. It equates to a teen boy masturbating, which most teenage boys.

Lists about: Hot Sex - Young Adult/Adult Romance and Best M/M Solo Masturbation. Listopia > Masturbation Book Lists. Bared to You 26 books — 26 voters.

There are a few books in mainstream YA which tackle virginity — Terra . blog post titled “Going There: Female Masturbation in YA” a couple.