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Meth-Addicted Moms Have Babies With Odd Stress Response | Live Science meth baby as an adult

Methamphetamines and other amphetamine‐type substances, Determining long‐term outcomes for drug‐exposed babies beyond childhood.

Meth-exposed children are more anxious and depressed at age 3, a new of meth-exposed children brings up memories of the "crack baby".

Meth exposure in the womb can lead to a dampened stress response at age two, which may put kids at risk for later problems.

The term “meth babies” has become one that we hear all-too-commonly, as more and more babies in the U.S. are born addicted to drugs. One of the reasons.

We all know meth is dangerous. Adults who are chronic users can even bear telltale signs like discolored skin and rotten or missing teeth.