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I just found out my best friend lost her virginity : offmychest my friend lost her virginity

SHE LOST IT? What do you even mean? Or rather what are you thinking and meaning? Is that some kind of precious metal object that only she possessed?.

So yesterday I was at a bonfire with some friends and one of them was my best friend and I was hers (not her boyfriend, though). We somehow got on the topic of .

My best friend is She's only being seeing this guy for a month. I feel like I've lost her, ever since she told me. Is this normal? I totally love her.

"All my poor girl had wanted was a hug and reassurance. Instead, I made Lucy had told me that several of her friends had lost their virginity.

My friend and I vowed to loss our virginity when we got to university because that's been our bet since 10th gone to different universities but near .