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About Vaginal Dryness: There are many causes of vaginal dryness. A very common cause of vaginal dryness is lack of the hormone estrogen in postmenopausal women. Other causes can Replens, Rx/OTC, N, N, 11 reviews . Generic.

Read about this condition that causes vaginal and urinary your doctor may first recommend over-the-counter treatment options, including.

We examine the causes of vaginal dryness and treatment options A doctor can prescribe some, and some can be obtained over the counter.

WebMD explains vaginal dryness, which has a variety of causes, and how it is bubble baths, scented soaps, and lotions around the sensitive vaginal area.

US Pharm. ;31(9) Atrophic vaginitis is a common disorder that causes dryness of the vaginal tissues and other troubling symptoms.