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The Boob is a American silent romantic comedy film directed by William A. Wellman, and starring Gertrude Olmstead, Antonio D'Algy, George K. Arthur.

Joan Crawford in The Boob () Tony D'Algy, William H. Daniels, Gertrude .. this film on Turner and found it to be an extremely enjoyable silent comedy.

Chronically unfunny “comedian” George K. Arthur plays a boob (in the bumpkin sense, not the anatomical one) who loses his best girl to a.

Fun Size Review: The Boob () Arthur is one of the most annoying human beings to appear on the screen. Share the silent movie love!. The Boob: William A. Wellman, Gertrude Olmstead, George K. I cannot say the same for the other silent films featuring Joan, which seem to fall.