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Mosquito ringtones emit high-frequency tones that are inaudible by adults but can be heard by teenagers. The high-frequency tones (or mosquito ringtones) are those above 17kHz. Below are file downloads in MP3, WAV for windows based phones, OGG (Ogg Vorbis audio format), and M4R.

Mosquito sound file of the ringtone that can be downloaded from Hz. The average adult is able to hear sounds between and 16 kHz.

Find out just how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones. Pretty much everyone should be able to hear the lowest tone (8kHz). Many people.

The Mosquito Ringtone is a ringtone that is inaudible to adults due to a condition known as presbycusis. in class because most teachers will not be able to hear the high frequency ring tones. Age to Hear Tone, Play / Download Tone.

Teenagers who have downloaded the ring tone could then send and receive text messages and hear alerts without the knowledge of most.