Drinking Beer Could Boost Sperm Count, New Study Suggests - sperm beer


Just five alcoholic drinks a week could reduce sperm quality | Science | The Guardian sperm beer

And how does drinking affect male fertility? Read on to learn how alcohol affects sperm and male and female fertility. How much alcohol does it take to affect sperm and male fertility?.

The Green Man pub in Wellington, New Zealand is adding a protein-packed new brew to its line up, just in time for local craft beer fest.

If lately you feel like your beers have been lacking a je ne sais quoi, a pub in New Zealand has a solution: deer semen. The Green Man Pub in Wellington, New Zealand, has teamed up with the local Choice Bros Brewery to create a Stag Semen “Milked” Stout. “There's only one way to.

Worried about your swimmers? Researchers have found moderate drinkers have better sperm counts.

FERTILITY is drastically impacted by the amount you drink. Half a pint of beer a day is enough to deform your sperm. Two pints a day will.