Mesut Ozil celebration: Why does Arsenal playmaker suck his thumb and make hand gesture? - thumb soccer


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Why do soccer players who score a goal run away from teammates who are As far as the 'thumb in the mouth' celebration is concerned, it may mean 2 things.

What do soccer players mean when they raise their hands when taking a corner kick? Why do soccer players put their hands on their head when they miss? Why do football players suck their thumb when celebrating a goal?.

MESUT OZIL'S trademark thumb sucking, hand gesture celebration has a very sweet reason behind it. The Arsenal playmaker netted a stunning late winner at Ludogorets last night, with many wondering the origin behind his celebration. Did you notice the letter that Ozil is making with.

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Most thumb sprains involve the ulnar collateral ligament, which is located on the inside of the knuckle joint. A tear to this ligament can make your thumb feel.