Blood tube guides and order of draw - tubeguide adult


tubeguide adult

Determinations and Special Instructions contained within this guide have been provided by the named institute and are not BD recommendations or instructions .

Please see the links below for blood tube guides and order of draw information: Adult Blood Tube Guide & Recommended Order of Draw.

Adult. Blood. Cultures. Blood Culture (Adult Set). Aerobic/F vial Cat. No. , Anaerobic/Lytic vial Cat. No. (Draw volume = ml each bottle).

of which tube to select should consult the tests and tubes database. Adult Blood Tubes · Paediatric Blood Tubes · Microcollection Tube Guide.

adult, 14Fr Nasogastric tube, adult, 16Fr Nasogastric tube, pediatric, 8Fr Endotracheal tube guide (stylette), adult, 10Fr OD Endotracheal tube guide ( stylette).