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Td vaccine can protect adolescents and adults from tetanus and diphtheria. Td is usually given as a booster dose every 10 years but it can also be given earlier.

Td or Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus and Diphtheria or. Tetanus, Diphtheria Visite http :// Vaccines for adolescents and adults: Td and Tdap.

Td/Tdap VIS. You are encouraged to distribute the up-to-date English- language VIS at the same time as the translation TRANSLATIONS OF THE FEBRUARY 24, Td VIS . NATIONAL ADULT & INFLUENZA IMMUNIZATION SUMMIT.

Td · Tdap · Typhoid · Varicella (chickenpox) · Yellow fever · Zoster, live VISs explain both the benefits and risks of a vaccine to adult vaccine CDC information about provider responsibilities, types of VISs, rules on VIS use, and FAQs.

See Tdap vaccine can protect adolescents and adults from A similar vaccine, called Td, protects from tetanus and.