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Trial as an adult is a situation in which a juvenile offender is tried as if they were an adult. . or affective and anxiety disorders. An estimated , youth are tried, sentenced, or incarcerated as adults every year across the United States.

Despite the establishment of a separate juvenile justice system over a century ago, youth are routinely charged and prosecuted in the adult criminal justice.

When Juveniles Are Tried in Adult Criminal Court. Some cases involving youth offenders are serious enough to be transferred to adult criminal court. Some juvenile cases get transferred to adult criminal court through a process called a "waiver"—when a judge waives the protections.

On any given day, dozens of children ages are housed in adult jails in counties across Pennsylvania while facing charges in adult court.

In all 50 states, youth under age 18 can be tried in adult criminal court through various types of juvenile transfer laws. In California, youth as young as 14 can be .