How to Avoid Festival Toilets in 8 Simple Ways - and a festival need a pee


Glastonbury Five ways to avoid the portable toilets at the festival | The Independent and a festival need a pee

We decided to talk to some of the courageous female souls who have braved the soiled soil of Roskilde Festival to get their take on the pee situation. Meet the.

I remember going to my first music festival last summer. Waiting all day to get a good position for Kanye (which was great because I had an awesome view for.

I plan on watching Primal Scream and The Rolling Stones so this will be like 3 hours plus and I'll need to piss a good few times, I mean fighting.

These handy inventions have long since abolished the need to this festival toilet alternative is large enough 'for a big wee' (ml), and the.

Most of us have some sort of bag or pack with us at events like festivals, so it only makes sense to have a buddy who can hold your belongings.