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I've got a regular cz75b w/ a safety and am considering going this route. The safety engagement isn't as positive and I'd like though. Do any of.

I have a 75D and I always carry it decocked. Can't remember what your trigger is off the top of my head, but the 8lb of pull isn't that bad every.

Sep 28, Poll: Do you carry your CZ75 cocked and locked? I've just picked up a CZ75B in. 40 and would like to carry it cocked and locked. Is this method.

Jun 29, I recently purchased a CZ 75B and love the gun. It is my first DA/SA handgun. As far as having the gun ready for operation, why not just have it.

Feb 15, The CZ75 variants come with either a decocker, or the SA/DA trigger. The DA/ SA with the safety, is safe to carry cocked and locked but if you.