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SEVEN MOB Y-DICKS. JOHN PARKE. "Hark ye yet again,-the little lower layer."' - AHAB. M fOBY-DICK has been justly and sufficiently acclaimed as.

I For instance, Gabriele Baldini in Melvi;lle o le ambiguit&d (Milan, calls Moby Dick a " cento," while John Parke, author of " Seven Moby-Dicks ".

Big medicine in Moby Dick / Reginald L. Cook ; In nomine diaboli / Henry A. Jr. ; Seven Moby-Dicks / John Parke ; The meanings of the white whale / R.E.

current copy of Moby-Dick for further explanations of the mystical importance the insights of John Parke's ''Seven Moby-Dicks”: o “Ultimately, in Moby-Dick.

There's an aura about Moby Dick, I sometimes think; like War & Peace, it's one to John Parke's wonderful essay “Seven Moby Dicks”) to.