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John Wayne Bobbitt Talks About Wife Lorena Bobbitt Cutting Off His Penis lee bobbitt penis

John Wayne Bobbitt says when he woke up to discover that his then-wife Lorena Bobbitt had cut off his penis with a kitchen knife, he tried to.

But all that changed in an instant one fateful summer night in when his wife Lorena Bobbitt cut his penis off with a kitchen knife. Overnight.

25 years after his wife famously chopped off his penis with a carving knife, John Wayne . John Wayne Bobbitt and his penis — where to begin? Jamie Lee Curtis, 60, reveals she did cocaine and freebased with her father.

'I was suicidal': John Wayne Bobbitt talks about the moments after his ex-wife cut his penis off while he was sleeping but says his re-attached.

John Wayne Bobbitt's penis after she cut it off with a kitchen knife as he slept on the night of June 23, Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press.