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Self-retaining retractor for vaginal operations. J. F. Magrina A self-retaining retractor designed for the performance of vaginal operations reduces the physical .

Self-Retaining Retractor for Vaginal Operations. MAGRINA, JAVIER F. Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey: August - Volume 46 - Issue 8 - ppg

Bookwalter® Magrina II Retractor System. • The latest Optimized for vaginal hysterectomy bookwalter® Self-Retaining Tilting Ratchet. 4. .

Optimized for vaginal hysterectomy Bookwalter® Self-Retaining Tilt Ratchet. 4 Bookwalter® Magrina Small Deaver Retractor Blade. 1.

Vaginal hysterectomy is a 21st Century approach, thanks to tools, techniques, and A self-retaining system such as the Magrina-Bookwalter vaginal retractor.