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Known in the numismatic world as a "Moby Dick Coin", the Ecuadorian 8 Escudos doubloon, It is often mistaken as a Spanish doubloon, but this coin was not struck by the Spanish crown or endorsed by the Spanish government. The Moby.

Many know Herman Melville's Moby-Dick as the classic American novel about the obsessive quest of Captain Ahab trying to take revenge on.

French novelist Yannick Haenel's new book, “Hold Fast Your Crown,” is chum for lovers of “Moby-Dick.” [Photos courtesy Other Press].

Is, then, the crown too heavy that I wear? this Iron Crown of Lombardy. Yet is it bright with many a gem; I, the wearer, see not its far flashings; but darkly feel that I .

For the Melville critic, "the Whiteness" of Moby Dick, the whiteness of details and suggesting the crown be interpreted in the context of Moby-Dick circle.