A woman frustrated by unsolicited dick pics decided to make her own filter. - penis research and pics


This Researcher Is Gathering Dick Pics to Test Penis-Detecting AI penis research and pics

The goal is to use the dick pics to test an algorithm that can automatically filter out pictures of penises — a much-needed technology for an internet filled with unsolicited nudes, revenge porn, and other forms of sexual harassment. A developer and internet harassment activist.

The dick pic—so commonplace, so controversial—has undeniable cultural A spate of recent research papers seeks to engorge the discourse . of dick pics are sent in overt malice, penis pictures become a much more.

The survey included responses from 1, men who admitted to researchers whether or not they'd ever pushed images of their junk — and.

A professor at Missouri State University has halted a study on the relationship between penis size and self-esteem following an enormous.

Penis pics: Professor asking men to send manhood photos for self-esteem pictures of the body part within the survey for her research project.