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Cele|bitchy | Lindsay Lohan responds to those ‘Ali boob job’ rumors ali lohans boobs

Model behaviour: Ali Lohan showed off her slender stems as she in a baggy sweater after rumours 'she's removed her breast implants' but.

Has Ali Lohan removed her 'breast implants'? Super-thin model loses Model looks: Ali Lohan shows off her slender frame as she moves into.

Lindsay Lohan is a big supporter of her lil' sis Ali's new modeling career but it was Lindsay -- and her boobs -- who stole the show yesterday.

A few minutes ago I clicked on this Us Weekly story because I thought the jump photo was Lindsay Lohan. I was SO wrong. It's Ali Lohan.

Her latest diatribe is in defense of her younger sister and her mom amid rumors that Ali Lohan, 14, had breast augmentation surgery.