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Jun 10, Below are 8 of the interesting fully electric and plug-in hybrid models As with many Chinese electric cars, the EX has blue trim to signify.

Apr 17, The results, though positive, were inconclusive as to hybrids’ longer-term prospects as the industry’s move toward fully electric vehicles gathers momentum. This is because hybrid sales, when factoring out Toyota, are small, less than 3%, in all major markets except Japan.

Jul 13, BEIJING -- The Chinese government is set to shift its automotive strategy to rely more on hybrid vehicles as part of its efforts to clean up the envir. including electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Aug 11, Electric cars in China China grants government incentives for plug-in hybrid vehicles, like this one Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia.

Sep 18, These 15 best hybrid cars offer just about everything and more: style, features, Best Hybrid Cars: Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid | CarMax.