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Midget is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. While not a medical term, it has been applied to persons of .

Dwarfism, also known as short stature, occurs when an organism is extremely small. In humans Historically, the term "midget" was used to describe proportionate dwarfs; however, this term is now regarded as offensive by some.

A: In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf. However, the term has fallen into disfavor and is considered offensive by most people of.

CBC Kids News explores why some little people — or dwarfs — want sports organizations in Canada to stop using the term midget.

GUELPH, Ont. – Chris Scott never played a varsity basketball game in the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre. During his days as a.