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Looking for the perfect bra for your male to female transformation or transition? Here are the top 7 bra styles for crossdressers and MTF transgender women.

It’s impossible not to feel totally girly in a beautiful bra – but the fact is that most crossdressers and transgender women are wearing the WRONG size bra. How to Determine Your Correct Bra Size – Without Breast Forms. Determining your correct bra size begins with a choice: Will.

First time” is such an odd concept for me. I was a thousand miles from feeling like I could transition the first time I tried on a bra. It was exciting terrifying and.

Pretty, supportive bras are widely available for transgendered and cross-dressing men. However, it can be hard to figure out sizing and correct.

These trans*-inclusive items are best suited for transgender people. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bras, Underwear, and Lingerie.