Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts - vietnam slogan patience my ass


Fast Movers: America's Jet Pilots and the Vietnam Experience vietnam slogan patience my ass

"PATIENCE MY ASS I'M GONNA KILL SOMETHING" - Vietnam Era slogan # patience #wisdom

Still More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire Alan Dundes, Carl R. Patience, My Ass! The teaching of patience is part of childhood socialization.

Motto of the th TFS: "Patience My Ass, I'm Gonna Kill Something" @ iowahawkblog @izzyjsmom Motto of Spectre AC Gunship crews.

From Review: A fun little gift shop of Road Kill Cafe & O.K. Saloon. W Old Highway 66, W Hwy 66, Seligman, AZ We look forward to our next Route 66 trip and another stop at the Road Kill.

Sorry, but slogans just don't cut it. Those two The next month a national teach- in on Vietnam was convened by phone from Washington and beamed to over a hundred campuses. A week My patience was wearing thin. “Amerika” my ass !.