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Banana Republic - It kinda sucks | Glassdoor banana republic sucks

You get a pretty good discount on the clothes, it's a good job if you're a student because they give short (hr) shifts most of the time so it can.

Pay is normal but living bi-weekly is a killer, cool employees, if you work at the Rockefeller Center location then you get to be able to see the Christmas tree.

I have been thinking a lot about how particular demographics use brands as a means of self-actualization and identity. Today I was with my.

Banana Republic sucks. Rotten materials, blown prices. I bought a blouse for 79 USD! which after washing developed strange stains. I took it to 5 Banana.

Really nice associates (for the most part). They work their butts off, day in and day out in awful environments with no commission and hours that.