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What is Breast Bondage? Learn the Basics and Safety [NSFW] how to tie breasts up

If you like the idea of breast bondage but lack the time, interest or even dexterity to tie someone up, you don't have to go the DIY route.

Torso of large breasted woman tied in breast bondage. Image via . While “bondage” is the all-inclusive term for tying someone up, we can break it.

Let's talk about breast bondage because, hi, it's totally a thing. Have you ever fantasized about having your boobs tied up? Or experienced.

I had a nipple orgasm during breast bondage ideas and rope bondage, tying one another up and learning different knots that we could do on.

This video shows how to tie a Cupcake Breast Tie Using 2x 5m (~15ft) of rope, 6mm Hempex in this case. My model here is Missy (this video has been re-shot as.