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'Nipplegate' revisited: What really happened between Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? janet jackson bared breast

It was Timberlake, after all, who along with Janet Jackson at the pulled off part of Jackson's outfit, briefly exposing her right breast in front of a.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – which was broadcast live on February 1, from Houston, Texas on the CBS television network in the United States – was noted for a controversial halftime show in which Janet Jackson's breast, adorned with a nipple shield, "Spike Lee says Janet Jackson's breast baring a 'new low' for entertainers".

Regardless of what article its used on, the fact remains its still Janet's bare breast and that is a violation of basic human dignity. She can't avoid having it on Tivo.

The Play-by-Play of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Nip Slip finale, when Justin ripped off part of Janet's top, revealing her right breast.

Janet Jackson's boobylicious performance with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl halftime show has sparked a federal investigation and set.