'Why is your left boob so low?': Tara Reid gets body shamed for wearing braless see-through dress - tar reid breast


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Tara Reid started acting at the young age of 6 and became a regular She was still all smiles as she had no idea that her left breast was totally.

Watch as Tara Reid is completely oblivious to her boob falling out of her dress while the paparazzi snap away before an assistant comes to her aid.

Tara Reid may be a credited actress in late-'90s teen classics such as “American Pie,” but most people know her for the nipple-slip debacle that.

Tara Reid. In , the American Pie actress got breast implants, but was left with a rippled belly. “My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy.

As if a botched boob job wasn't bad enough, poor Tara unknowingly exposed the doctor's un-handy work to the world back in on the red.