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Health check: the low-down on 'worms' and how to get rid of them red worm on my vagina

Threadworms, also called pinworms, are tiny, very thin white worms about 5 Scratching of the bottom can cause a red rash around the anus, In girls they can move into the vagina, causing itching and a vaginal discharge.

A little piece of white thread less than half an inch long is moving quickly around inside the vagina. It is the first threadworm I have ever seen.

Genital examination. The vulva was red and covered with a whitish exudate; the vagina was slightly inflamed and four dead thread- worms about 7 mm. in length .

Find out about the worm's life cycle here, plus symptoms, complications, and The female pinworm lays eggs around the anus and vagina.

The itching is usually worse at night because the worms move to the area around the anus to lay their eggs. In girls, pinworm infection can spread to the vagina.