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Yes, I think Audacity ****ing sucks. Most pro recording programs have an automatic effect that prevent this but apparently this free crap that audacity is doesn't. Korg DT Tuner; Boss DD-3 Digital Delay; Jim Dunlop JH-1B Wah; Boss RT Rotary Ensemble; MXR EVH Phase

Absolutely recommended. A) It's free; B) It's pretty simple to use; C) It's free; D) You'll find lots of support for it online; E) You can actually do quite a lot with it.

Under windows at least, Audacity is unable to record audio at bitrates above 16 bit. It will seem to, all right, but the data is quantized at 16 bit (3.

But the audio quality itself really sucks, especially with distortion on S's. I tried to do click removal and noise reduction and all kinds of things but.

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