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Alfred Anthony Quarantello Jr. (born October 14, ), better known by his professional name Al Rantel, is a conservative talk show host. Rantel is unusual in being an outspoken conservative who is openly gay. He worked in Florida for.

David Joshua Rubin (born June 26, ) is an American political commentator, YouTube personality and talk show host. He is the creator and host of The Rubin Report, a political talk show on Rubin is generally considered a conservative or libertarian commentator, although he . Jason Gay (November 25, ).

I’d randomly tuned into the Walton and Johnson show, a talk radio program featuring two white, male conservative hosts, plus three other disembodied voices: a lispy gay man (“Mr Kenneth”), a militant black man (“Mr Eaux”), and a drawling, self-identified “redneck” (“Billy Ed”).

Gay Conservative talk show host on today's political climate. Xander Gibb, talk show host updates us on what's really happening with BREXIT. It's a mess.

Long before he became a conservative media icon, Fox News host Sean Hannity was yanked from his college radio station for allegedly calling.