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More jokes about: disgusting, gay. A young man walks up and sits down at the bar. "What can I get you?" the bartender inquires. "I want 6 shots of Jagermeister," .

Stool Jokes. Why does a How many gay guys can u fit on a bar stool? A dung beetle walks into a bar and says to another beetle " Is this stool taken?" 2. 3. 0.

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Q: How do you fit three homosexuals on one barstool? Turn it upside- . Twitter. Tags:bad jokesfunnygaygay jokeshumorlaugh out loudlgbtlol.

how do 3 gay guys sit on 1 bar stool? flip it upside down. Double_R. Uploaded 06/24/ 4. Ratings. 3, Views; 7 Comments; 1 Favorites.