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The queerest moments in Pokémon history james is not gay team rocket

That man is James of Team Rocket. The evidence that James is homosexual is almost overwhelming. He is undoubtedly campy and flamboyant, especially.

lol in the video i put jesse my bad but this is when he admits he is gay. Pokemon Theory: Why Does James Have A Rose in the Anime? Pokemon Theory: Why Does Team Rocket Want Pikachu?!.

The frequency with which members of Team Rocket are seen crossdressing is not intended to be an indicator of their sexuality, but rather their.

Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light! Here's some trivia you might not have known about the antagonists of the Pokémon cartoon series. Jessie, James, and Meowth are part of the fundamental formula of the show . in the English cartoon have led many fans to speculate that James might be gay.

In the episode, Team Rocket's Butch (yes, the character's name is Butch) and . But if Jessie and James are not gay, they're at least asexual.