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Lesbian Pirates! is a musical based on the untold true story of the ruthless, maverick and lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Currently, in development, Natasha Sutton Williams tells Colin Hambrook the story behind this Working Birthday production. She first came across the.

a tiny booklet called something like Famous Outlaws fell out of the Shredded Wheat packet. In it was a brief account of the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary Read .

Today there are two stories about this famous female pirate, a real one .. documentation that Anne Bonny and Mary Read were lesbian lovers.

The lesbian and gay pirates of the 17th century lived a strangely egalitarian life, with health insurance and even same-sex civil partnerships.

Two of the more famous pirates were women-- Anne Bonny and Mary Read-- and both of them were actually more ruthless than their male.