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Come up come up I'm ready to strip. My L.E.D's red hot and lit up. Come up come up I'm ready to strip. I don't expect to feel regret from this. I don't expect to feel.

Peter Follari, owner of The Dolls House strip club in Carlisle Street, strip club in Carlisle Street, More information. Saved by. Soho Life History. 1.

Sohodolls-Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation A&G Records doesn't create an urgent need to strip off a few layers, it's not the fault of the Sohodolls.

Sohodolls Soho – the epicentre of trash, coughing up sleazy strip joints and sleazier media types, but also the spiritual home of Maya Von Doll.

Then it was straight to the Doll's House, a strip club that allowed us in, and The Marquee Club on Wardour Street, Soho, London, c