16 Men Describe What A Vagina Feels Like - stick your penis in feel good


9 Tips That Will Make Sex Amazing For Anyone With A Penis stick your penis in feel good

Well, at first its a little confusing, as you know where to put it, but you are unsure how to Originally Answered: How does it feel to stick your penis in the vagina?.

Men Describe What It Feels Like To Put A Penis Inside A Vagina "What does it feel like to have sex as someone who puts their penis inside a vagina?" . It feels so good, I could let my whole body go limp (except my penis).

'Well, the initial feeling when you first go inside is pretty unreal. 'Putting your penis in something is a bit like putting your foot in something, but.

First of all, females vagina look good and everything, I want to stick my penis in one, but just when I watched the video showing deep down a.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. best · top I also feel extremely close to my SO, so that makes it more amazing. It's not .