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Mature pollen grains are suboblate to spheroidal, isopolar, radially symmetrical and 3-porate. A prominant globular protruding oncus projects.

Transmission electron microscopy was conducted to characterize the mature pollen grains in the massulae of Habenaria sagittifera at anthesis to understand its.

Pollen is a fine to coarse powdery substance comprising pollen grains which are male Except in the case of some submerged aquatic plants, the mature pollen grain has a double wall. The vegetative and generative cells are surrounded by.

The ultimate goal of the pollen grain is to contribute to zygote formation. In principle, each mature pollen grain produced by and scattered from the anther carries.

Functions of the parts of pollen grain: A mature pollen grain has a two-layered wall—the outer exine and inner intine. The wall encloses a large vegetative cell.