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A stewardess has recounted the humiliating moment a pound passenger forced her to wipe his bottom as he 'moaned in pleasure.'.

Passenger 'Moaned In Pleasure' After Making Flight Attendant Wipe His Butt. dbdr.info 22 Jan Air travel is, generally speaking, the worst. The last flight I .

Definition of moan. The widow let out a moan when she saw her husband's body. definition 3: a low outcry that expresses pleasure, esp. sexual pleasure.

As she did so, the man allegedly started moaning in pleasure and encouraging her, “deeper, deeper!” He then claimed that she hadn't done a.

see thesaurus at complain 2 [intransitive]CRY to make a long low sound expressing pain, unhappiness, or sexual pleasure SYN groan She moaned and cried.