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The 10 Best Films With Bisexual Leads, Ranked bisexual thumbs movies

Photo: Universal Pictures. Either case, the blatant bi erasure in some movies suggests bisexuality is the comfy waiting room no one can sit in for.

The movie that made Salma Hayek and bisexual artist Frida Kahlo household names, this biopic was not just about history but also made it.

"As a bisexual woman from a conservative, religious family, this meant a lot." tell us which fictional characters from TV and film made them feel seen as a bisexual and their answers did not disappoint! .. Peccadillo Pictures.

A list of movies with bisexual themes or characters. Not all will be "good-rep", not all are good films. I will try comment on the ones I've seen.

Characters who desire both men and women are few and far between on the big screen. But there are some glorious exceptions.