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Why Does My Cat Put Her Butt in My Face? bottom in my face

The answer to the question, "Why does my cat stick her butt in my face?" is that cats communicate in many ways. Why your kitty likes to stick her behind in your face is perhaps a combination of several of these forms. The position of a cat’s ears, head, tail and body all convey a.

"Bottom face" is a term that refers to a face that looks, or beholds the equivalent attraction, to that of a bottom. More often than not this rare breed of homo-sapien .

Dogs, we usually understand, mostly because they are so easy to understand. They have expressive faces and body language that we can.

Think about where they sleep. If they face towards you, the weight of your head on the pillow will have them sliding downward where their own.

Every cat owner has experienced it: You're curled up on the couch when your kitty approaches, jumps on body in search of a comfortable place to sit, and — inevitably — sticks its butt directly in your face. The Bottom Line.