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But one night, it all falls apart, and Harper is left in a mortifying situation. Naked. Luckily the River boys are around to save the day. After a few pictures of course.

"I wonder if the house still looks the same." I wonder. "We could always stay in a motel." Alex suggests. I give him a look. Is he serious? "Or not." He shrugs.

Why do the nice gals always go for the bad boys and vice versa? How to Be a Bad Boy (and Why Nice Guys Finish Last) - Nice Guys vs Bad Boys vs Alpha Males - Duration: Do girls prefer NICE guys or BAD boys?. #badjohnpaulruinedmylife #badboysofbjp www.

I felt something brush against my skin and I paniced. I let out a loud scream and quickly swam to the corner under some tree vines. A figure rose.